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Digiwot is an independent digital marketing consultancy that specialises in empowering start-ups, entrepreneurs and scale-ups with the expertise and insights needed to make their business an online success. 

We are specialists in business development, strategy and enhancing digital channels through technical and tactical optimisation. 

Our expert advisers will help you to shed the light on the opportunities available to you and lead each business to meet their own individual goals, whilst embedding invaluable knowledge internally through training.

With an eye for broader strategic planning, Digiwot is perfectly placed to assist your company in meeting its objectives. 

Our clients are driven by their passion and determination to make their business a success and therefore feel immeasurably supported by the professional yet personal approach we take. By offering this bespoke personal touch to all our projects and partnerships we believe we can achieve the best result.


We are specialists in 

SEO - Digiwot

SEO - Search engine optimisation

Optimising your website for search engines is the most cost effective way to funnel leads to your business.  Stand out from your competitors with a Digiwot SEO strategy.

Channel Management - Digiwot

Channel Management

Technology has enabled us to connect with our customers across multiple channels.  Ensuring these are effective in acquiring leads requires both technical and tactical optimisation.  Let Digiwot save you money and increase sales.

Business Development - Digiwot

Business development

Acquiring new leads, increasing sales and propelling your brand online all requires coordination with a digital strategy.  Let Digiwot assist you in developing your digital strategy and scale-up your business.

Digiwot - Scale-up your business online

360 digital services

We have crafted the perfect  packages to suit the needs of any growing business; whether you need the full 360 growth package or assistance with a campaign, we can help.  Once we have established your exact requirements we will then ensure each package is personalised to your specific business needs.

Our services

If you do not need the full Digiwot 360 package, we can assist with any of your specific digital needs.  For more information please contact us here.

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  • SOcial media

  • Lead generation

  • Online sales STRATEGY

Free online audit

Ensuring your business is optimised online is essential to generating high quality leads and sales.  Take the FREE Digiwot online audit which will provide insight, guidance and  actionable recommendations.  Find out more

Meet the team

We have pulled together a variety of creative digital allies to form a dynamic, innovative, fun and professional service for our clients.  Be confident that your business is in good hands with a shared passion for results!

Happy customers

We are confident in our ability to make a big impact on you and your business, but why take our word for it! Take a look at what our customers say about Digiwot... and we didn't persuade them with ice-cream.

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