Digiwot's Online Audit

Many businesses struggle to generate high quality leads or sales online.  The main reason for this is that the many opportunities that exist online havn't been tailored to propel your products or services to the customer, meaning your business gets lost online.

Let Digiowt shed the light on the opportunities available to you and lead your business to meet its goals.

Fill out the attached form and we will provide a free technical audit of your business online, and offer actionable recommendations.

The technical audit will give you a score based on the 5 key areas we believe are needed to ensure your business is a digital success. 

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Free online audit - Digiwot
Free website audit with Digiwot

The report will review the following;

  1. Search engine optimization

    • SEO optimization is important to ensure you are driving traffic to your site via search engines.

  2. Usability

    • The usability of your website across desktop and mobile devices.

  3. Website Performance

    • Page load speed and performance is important to ensure a positive user experience.

  4. Social Media

    • Social activity is important for brand awareness and repeat visitors.

  5. Security

    • Security is important to ensure your site doesn't get compromised and experience data loss or downtime.