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Our Digiwot Founder took a short trip to the beautiful Regnum Carya resort in Turkey with the Men’s Heath, MTV and Aqua Physical team to take some time away from the boardroom, read why…

When it comes to leading a business, it’s easy to get bogged down in the daily grind of paperwork, board meetings and constant scrutiny. More than ever, leaders are adopting an ‘always on’ approach to running and developing their companies thanks to technological advancements in connectivity.

More importantly though is the need, every once in a while, to stop. The statistics are very clear on the importance of maintaining positive mental health and wellbeing, both for employees in the workplace, and those leading them.

Responding to this need, the Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort, who hosted the world’s leading heads of state for the G20 Summit in 2015, has taken the step of introducing a new wellbeing option to their 1,000,000 sqm luxury facilities in Antalya, Turkey.

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Encouraging business leaders to step out from the corporate facilities for a while, Aqua Physical’s FloatFit classes promote the yoga values of balance, restraint and breathing, while the TONE and HIIT classes cater to those looking for a more of a toning and cardio-focused workout – all atop a floating exercise board.

Currently experiencing a boom among gyms and health clubs, the static floatation exercise mat enables the user to de-stress and find their Zen while floating in tranquillity. Trained professionals at the Regnum Resort impart the best FloatFit yoga poses and mindfulness techniques to convert the most pent-up boardroom boss into a calm and collected chief.

“The introduction of the Aqua Physical classes will offer guests the opportunity to get active, try something new and refresh both physically and mentally,” says Deniz Üstertuna, board member of the Regnum Resort. “With a diverse range of guests coming from all over the world, here at Regnum, we pride ourselves on offering a broad range of activities to occupy and, often, surprise our guests.”

How yoga can help your leadership

Stress alleviation

Any leader will tell you that running a business is a stressful profession. Yoga has long been associated with stress relieving benefits, thanks to the focus on deliberate breathing exercises and slow movements.

Improved circulation

Long office hours behind a desk can play havoc with any business leader’s circulation. Certain yoga stretches, combined with yogic breathing techniques help facilitate the oxygenation of the blood around the body.


There’s only so much caffeine the average leader can intake before focus and productivity begin to wane. The breathing and meditative exercises during yoga have been found to improve the ability to process information quickly and focus mental resources.

Innovative thinking

Many find that yoga helps them to find new perspectives and different approaches to problem solving. Others report that the deep breathing helps put them in a reflective mindset to move past self-doubts and insecurities that often hinder everyday aspects of life.

Healthy muscles, healthy mind

Whether you’re a headstand expert or happy in child’s pose, yoga engages the body’s core muscles, and the added on-water balancing of FloatFit even further aids posture, strength, and general good health.

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