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As most start-ups and small businesses will know all too well, stepping out from your comfort zone and pursuing your business idea comes with a rollercoaster of emotions that you probably didn’t sign up for. It can leave your head spinning and your body a little nauseous.

If this is how you currently feel, don’t worry, there is something that can ease the ride… Powerful Networks.

As talented and hardworking creatures, entrepreneurs often turn away help or push networking way down the long list of tasks at hand.  This could be a big mistake!

Networks bring so much to the table that can help your business grow at pace. Digiwot has crafted a quick list of the benefits your business could be seeing if you embrace powerful networks.

1.       Journey Busters

Learn about other business journeys… Understanding the path ahead can be a massive advantage, it prepares you for the inevitable or navigates you away from potential pit falls.

2.       Swap Glasses

Gain a different perspective… We’ve all starred at the screen of our website for days and days, hearing views from a different perspective can shed light on issues you might not see.

3.       Business

We exist as entrepreneurs to make our ideas happen, networking allows you to meet potential business connections and generate those sales.

4.       Support

An unexpected benefit and the beauty of networking is that once established, the more humane aspect shines through, support!  I have witnessed some amazing networks bringing support and driving others to push themselves to be their best.

5.       Lols (Laughter)

Time is something that may not be so freely available to a start-up, yet stepping out and meeting new people and having new experiences can bring a lot of fun and laughter into your life… A happy balance between work and personal life has a hugely positive impact on your business and makes you more productive.

Our team of experts is apart of many networks and communities so we wanted to share our favorites with you;


the IoD99 network within the Institute of Directors membership, a gem among the business giants. We were blown away by the support we received from this network, the talented entrepreneurs helped to push us to become the company we are today.

Find out more: https://www.iod.com/99hub


Intertech is an LGBT+ network focused on creating a more inclusive and diverse community within the tech world.  The sessions are fun yet informative. We all enjoy attending any of their colorful events.

Find out more: https://interests.me/org/intertechlgbt

The Curtain Club

As far as co-working spaces go, the curtain club is one of the best I’ve seen in London.  It offers a range of beautiful spaces for entrepreneurs from all industries.  This is somewhere that perfectly understands work-life balance, plus it has a pool on the roof, dreamy!

Find out more: https://thecurtain.com/members-club/

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Wayne Ellis