Time To Talk: Mental Health For Start-ups

Time To Talk - Digiwot

As every start-up and entrepreneur knows all too well; forming, running and growing a business is extremely challenging. 

An unsteady journey that can have a profound impact on our mental health. Many people battle in silence with their struggles unknown to their support networks, whether family, friends or work colleagues.
This is especially prevalent within the start-up community. 

Start-ups are the makers and creators of business, a determined bunch who on their exterior appear to push on through all the highs and lows. Yet we are all human, and all prone to the same struggles everyone faces with mental health issues.

On Thursday 7th February, Digiwot will participate in “Time To Talk Day”, a day set aside to bring awareness on the impact mental health has on us and bring together the tools to beat it.

We are proud of our mission to empower every business we work with and enable them to become a force to be reckoned with.

To support such a worthy cause, we will be holding “Time To Talk Days” throughout February, where you can pop in to talk about your business or concerns as a start-up (don’t worry, we have all been there).

Let’s start a conversation, Whether that’s simply having a cup of tea (with biscuits) and a chat or discussing some of the concerns you have with your business.


To participate, simply email hello@digiwot and start the conversation. We would love for you to drop by our new working space at the Curtain Club in Shoreditch.

We believe in your idea...
We believe in you.

Wayne Ellis