5 Top Tips To Improve Your UX In 2019

UX tips in 2019

User experience (UX) In 2019 still reigns as one of the most important and impactful aspects of any online business.

It is crucial to a businesses success as it directly impacts brand perception, engagement and sales.

Yet getting it right can be tricky... UX trends constantly change with both technological and cultural shifts.  

Digiwots team of experts are here to support businesses on their online journey, here are our top 5 tips to perfect your businesses UX in 2019.

1-  Speed things up

Users in 2019 expect a fast and reliable experience online, anything below that expectation will have a direct impact on sales and possibly deter the user from coming back.

Amazon suggest that one second of load lag time would cost Amazon $1.6 billion in sales per year, as users simply will not wait.

Ensure your site speed is charged up here.

2 - Stand out;

Did you hear that living coral has overtaken millennial pink to be the most used Pantone colour in 2018? 

This bright pink announcement affirms the current trend for a more bold and visual user experience is here to stay.

Use engaging colours and imagery to really lift the UX, informal and emotive visuals will ensure your brand sticks in your customers minds and pleases the eyes.

3 - Sweet and simple;

The perfect user experience should offer a seamless journey to navigate the user to their destination. Gone are the days when users are willing to navigate through many pages and layers to find what they want.

Recent studies have shown a surge in one page websites where all the information is displayed within the scrolling interface. How easy is your website to navigate.

Make sure your user journeys are intuitive and take away all the endless clicks... give the user what they need, when they need it, Simple.

4 - Data overload;

The best online user experiences stem from strategies putting the users first (a strategy your business should adopt). 

Asking for endless information that doesn’t add to the user experience will actually frustrate the user.

Don’t overload your customers with unnecessary data capture forms and sign ups as they will soon get fed up.

5 - Movie time;

Forbes have stated that by 2022, 80% of content will be consumed by video.

Lots of companies have already adopted to utilising video, yet many have not started... if you want to connect to your users, you need to connect in a way they wish to consume.

How far have you got with your content strategy? It’s time to think about video to enhance the UX.

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Wayne Ellis